One of the IHR Project’s expert technical areas is workforce capacity building, for improved global health security. A 3-day workshop was held 10th to the 12th May in partnership between UKHSA and the apex regulatory body for the practice of Human Resource Management in Nigeria (CIPM) to support professional development of the Administration/Human Resource Workforce Professional Development at NCDC, contributing to system strengthening and building workforce capacity. This work is part of a larger ongoing project to deliver a bespoke learning intervention for the Admin/HR personal at NCDC.

The workshop focused on a number of areas including aligning HR/Admin practices to strategic goals, HR policy formulation and implementation, and career/succession planning. The workshop was incredibly successful, with the Director General of NCDC addressing the participants on the final day, thanking CIPM for their input and to UKHSA for responding to the organisations expressed needs.

By Paul Irabor