On February 25th, 2022 an introductory session to the IHR Strengthening Project and wider UKHSA was held at the British High Commission in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The session was open to the wider UK High Commission and approximately 25- 30 people were in attendance. During the session Dr. Ahmed Razavi, Dr. Martin Muita and Kulvir Gill updated on UKHSA transition, the status of the IHR project, areas of work, mission, vision and planning for the next 3 years for both Ethiopia and Africa CDC. 

During the day, attendees shared opinions, questions, thoughts and suggestions for consideration on how UKHSA work can align with their humanitarian and health department team. The introduction helped to build a wider understanding of what UKHSA is doing both in the UK and in Ethiopia.

 By Eyerusalem Haile