NIH in collaboration with UKHSA conducted a meeting of the technical working group on IDSR surveillance and data flows on 7th June, 2022. The meeting was arranged and facilitated by UKHSA and chaired by NIH. The technical working group meetings are planned every quarter and attended by provincial and regional Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) focal points across the country to discuss IDSR surveillance and data flow updates and different challenges.

The provinces and regions shared their learning, showcase their progress, identify challenges and make decisions on disease surveillance and data flow. Each province and region presented their work, progress and challenges of last quarter on a standardized template shared by UKHSA to the participants. The issues pertinent to NIH were brought in to the notice of chair and requested for solutions. A DHSC and UKHSA delegation which was visiting the IHR Strengthening project inPakistan, also participated in this meeting. The delegation applauded the efforts of provinces, regions and the NIH in expanding surveillance to as many as 43 districts and getting real time disease data for early detection and response to alerts and outbreaks.

Group photo of small group for data flow participants with DHSC & UKHSA delegation and In-country team

By Dr Syed Wasif Javed