Lack of capacity for data analysis was identified as a knowledge gap by the State Epidemiologists in a recent learning needs assessment of State Epidemiologists in Nigeria conducted by UKHSA. The capacity for data analysis is critical for preparedness and response to disease outbreaks and is interconnected to the ability of epidemiologists to apply themselves effectively in areas such as descriptive epidemiology, research, communication, and advocacy,

The IHR Strengthening Project in collaboration with Nigeria Center for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) and WHO Nigeria developed and delivered a bespoke data analysis training to 19 State Epidemiologists. The training upskilled the epidemiologists use of excel for data analysis maximizing their resourcefulness.

As a facilitator in this training, I feel privileged to be part of a project that is bold to ask the difficult questions around capacity and capability and responsive enough to mobilize every necessary resource to close the gaps.

Participants expressed their excitement, empowerment and the new world of possibilities opened to them by the training

“I thought I had the basic knowledge of Excel until I attended this training and discovered that the basic knowledge I had is even not up to basic. The training will enable me to develop and circulate the state’s epidemiological bulletin. I also want to say that the excel training handbook, is the best gift I have received this month”.

– Omolola Adeagbo, Osun State Epidemiologist

“I want to appreciate the NCDC, UKHSA and WHO for stepping in to bridge the gap that existed in my skills as a State Epidemiologist. This knowledge will help me to save time in cleaning my data before analysing it”

– Martina Alex Nuwan, Plateau State Epidemiologist

“I used to pride myself as knowledgeable in the use of Excel, but this training taught me that I was way behind in the use of Excel. I have learnt a lot and built my capacity in the use of pivot tables and plotting epicurve” 

- Dr Ifeoma Nwadiuto, Rivers State Epidemiologist

By Dr Jerry Pantuvo