From October 24th to 28th 2022, the IHR Strengthening Project Laboratory team in collaboration with the Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) delivered Biosafety and Biosecurity training to university lecturers of medical laboratory science. 

One of the IHR strengthening project objectives is to improve capacity and compliance on biosafety and biosecurity systems by training personnel, monitoring laboratory facilities, and protecting the environment. This workshop participants were from 25 Ethiopian universities which provide medical laboratory science courses to laboratory personnel. The objectives of this training were to share the knowledge of biosafety and biosecurity standards and to improve practice as well as to cascade the training for medical laboratory students in their respective universities and students. Previously this training was delivered to laboratory professionals who are working in health facilities.

The training covered the ISO 15190 and WHO biosafety standards requirements in medical laboratories which includes lab design and safety, personal protective equipment, biological safety cabinet, hood fume, laboratory biosecurity, risk assessment, lab incidences, occupational health and  safety, sample transportation & packaging, biohazard, chemicals, fire, sterilization & waste management. This training will be cascaded to final year medical laboratory students in each university by trainees here in collaboration with EPHI experts. 

The training participants expressed they were very happy to be beneficiaries of this training. They recommended this training and laboratory quality management trainings to their colleagues. Thanks to EPHI trainers for providing and facilitating this training and looking forward to the planned follow-up workshops.

By Hiwot Hailu