African Volunteer Health Corps (AVoHC) Net Tool Training for Rapid Deployment in the United Republic of Tanzania.

In September 2020, the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) in collaboration with UKHSA introduced the African Volunteer Health Corps (AVoHC). AVoHC enables effective recruitment and deployment of experts to respond to various public health emergencies across Africa.  This has included launching a web-based tool called AVoHC Net. This allows members to expand and grow their capacity in a systematic manner, contributing to Africa CDC's public health emergency preparedness and response strategy.

 To strengthen IHR compliance and capacity building for Member States, the IHR strengthening project alongside Africa CDC’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Division has rolled out AVoHC Net Tool training for rapid deployment in the United Republic of Tanzania.

The purpose of the training was to build 17 Participants’ capacity in facilitating rapid deployment and better administration of standby expert responders to public health emergencies across the nation. AVoHC Net training assists in the administration and maintenance of roster member Professional Expert Profile (PEP) accounts both at Africa CDC and National Public Health Institute level. Participants were trained from different regions with different professional backgrounds including Emergency Preparedness and Response officers, Public Health Emergency Operation Center Personnel, Information and Communication Technology officers, Surveillance Officers, Laboratory Officers, Environmental Health Officers, Port Health Officers, Clinicians, Pharmacists/Logistic Officers and a Public Health Officer. During the 8 days of training the participants engaged in user account creation; using the tool to recruit, orient and deploy rapid responder teams (RRTs) during emergencies; using the tool for online continuous professional education; and managing in country rapid responder teams (RRTs) available on the platform.